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Welcome To Our Club

We hope you will enjoy your visit as you learn more about Floyd Henry. He is very outgoing and loves people and wants you to know more about what animals can do for each of us.




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February 2008 - I told my mom to go to the doctor

March 2008 - Her doctor said she had cancer

July 2009 - My mom was free of all her cancer

April 2010 - I got my first call to be a part of health news. Boy was I excited.

April through October 2011 - I've done several interviews for the Newspaper, TV, Radio and other publications. You can find out about those on my News page.

November 2011 - Unfortunately in the last year I have lost 4 family members, FurBoxers Josephine, Angel and Tuttle and my beloved kitty Chablis. Forrest is ill but still hanging in there with us.

January 2012 - I lost one of my bestest buddies and brother, Forrest. He was always happy. I told my Mama he was sick and it turned out that he had brain cancer.

May 2012 - It's started again. I am getting more and more calls to be interviewed and talk to people, so watch for things coming up. I just finished doing the Fox 5 Atlanta News.

December 2012 - It's official. My story is appearing in "Angels on Earth", a publication by Guideposts magazine. I am in the January/February 2013 issue. You'll find my story on page 60. Find a copy and read it. I have asked permission to reprint it here later on, but I haven't heard from them yet.

October 2013 - National Geographic Publication "Devoted" by Rebecca Ascher-Walsh

Octobre 2013 - Guest appearance at BoxerStock 2013 (Invited by Atlanta Boxer Rescue)

April 2014 - I made the trip to rainbow bridge where I will await my Mama Carol but my story continue to inspire people. Please pass it on.