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Here I will tell you more about me and maybe about my family and friends.




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I am a Boxer Dog. I was born in Bartow, Florida. When I was just a few months old, my people Mama, Carol Witcher, came and got me. The family that bought me before she came decided they didn't want me anymore. I was sure glad when she showed up...so I owed her. I lived with her in Florida until 2005 when we moved to Georgia where I live now.

I have a sister Boxer (we have different Boxer mama's and daddy's but we're still family.) I had another sister and two other brothers, but in the last year they have all crossed the rainbow bridge. It makes me sad, but I have to stay and take care of my people Mama.

I am fawn colored with a black mask. I am male, though I have never been a daddy dog. My mama says that there are plenty of unwanted puppies out there, so I can just stay out of that kind of stuff, so she had me neutered to make it easier on me.

It's December 2012 and I just had to have some surgery on my ear. I must have hit it on something and popped a hematoma on it. They put me to sleep and drained it and then wrapped my head up. I did not much like it, but I was pretty good about it. I just slept a lot and now it's all better.

Lately I have been watching out for kittens. What a job. Finally, out of the 5 kittens, 4 have gone to their forever home. I am still watching out for Howard until his new mama gets her house ready. He should be leaving in a few days. I will miss him, but maybe I can ret now. I'll only have my own kitties left, Snowflake and Izzy. They are mostly outside so I just make sure they come into their room when it gets late or the weather is bad. I do tend to fret a bit when Izzy doesn't come home.