. . . Floyd's story continued. . .

Carol spent years having regular mammograms but in 2008 something strange happened. She was not yet due for a mammogram but Floyd had to stick his big nose into things. One day he began to nip at her nose in a somewhat agressive and consistent way. She would push him away and tell him not to be rude. Because he was such a good boy, he obliged that request, but he didn't let up. He changed his tune and began to push and sniff at her right breast. He was insistent. She kept asking what he was doing and after a few days of that and Carol not responding, he began to paw at that breast rather agressively. Carol decided it was time to take action and get it checked. She had always trusted her dogs instincts and when this smart puppy continued to press, she knew she needed to pay attention. She made an appointment for a check on that breast that was of interest to Floyd Henry. The doctor insisted to Carol that the lump she could feel was just a calicification from too much coffee. Carol insisted that they do another mammogram in spite of the doctors efforts to change her mind.

The test was set up and sure enough the results showed positive for cancer. Not shocked by this news as Carol trusted Floyd, she decided it was time for a new doctor. That is when she met Dr. Sheryl Gabram-Mendola at Emory in Atlanta. Carol relayed her story to Dr. Gabram. Dr. Gabram immediately asked Carol if she would be willing to be a part of the Emory and Georgia Tech BREATH STUDY for breast cancer. Of course she said she would participate. The test was simple . . . blow into a tube, much like you would for any breathing test. Carol's results were exactly what was expected. In the breathing test she showed positive for cancer.

Carol went immediately into treatment for her cancer, starting with chemotherapy to reduce the lump which had grown quite large by this time. After the lump reduced, then Carol went through surgery to remove the cancer, continued her chemo and then 4 weeks of radiation. After many months of treatment, Carol was declared cancer free. It is now 2022 and Carol is still cancer free thanks to one GOOD BOY, Floyd Henry.

Please enjoy reading the articles that have been published, viewing the different videos and listening to the radio shows and other events that have transpired since Floyd Henry saved Carol's life. Yes, even Dr. Gabram says that Floyd saved her life.

We hope that by sharing this story women and men will not only take care of their health as recommended by their doctors, but that if their animals change their behaviours that they pay attention to that as well. It could be that the animal needs your attention, or another family member, or it could just perhaps save your life, just like it did Carols' in 2008.


We are sorry to say that Floyd Henry is no longer with us but he was here for a time and a reason and we are thankful to have had him for many years and for his service to this family. We'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge Good Boy!